PwC vs Bell Gully Survivor Challenge | Shave for a Cure

PwC vs Bell Gully Survivor Challenge

The combined PwC and Bell Gully Tribal Council has spoken – and the Shave is ON!

‘Tribes’ from PwC and Bell Gully are stepping up, raising funds and braving a shave in support of the work of Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC) with patients and their families living with blood cancer. This year shave events will be held in both Auckland and Wellington on Friday 10 November.

There is no immunity idol in this event and all shavees from the PwC or Bell Gully tribes will be throwing a challenge for sponsors to join them, form an alliance and donate to the cause.

Pwc vs Bell Gully Survivor Challenge banner

View fundraising results and donate to the teams via the links below.

view PwC team fundraising results